University of Chile inaugurates 25 new critical care beds and auxiliary emergency module

25 •  junio •  2020

The extremely high occupancy rates recorded by the hospital network in the Metropolitan Region as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic led to the creation of the Covid Critical Unit (UCC) of the Clinical Hospital of the Universidad de Chile.

This new unit was developed in record time: in only 12 days a new auxiliary emergency module was built and 25 new critical beds were installed, 12 beds with ventilator for intensive care and another 13 for intermediate care.

According to La Tercera, the module was built by students, academics and employees of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Chile and the Night School for Construction Workers and is located in the left wing of the health center. It consists of ten cubicles and a waiting room for 16 people. The aim is to isolate patients with respiratory pathologies.

This new critical unit of the Hospital de la Universidad de Chile was achieved thanks to the joint work of different teams of the Hospital and with the support of the Luksic Foundation and the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC).

“It is the spirit of the community of the University of Chile and of many companies that want to contribute to the country in a concrete way”, commented the director and manager of the auxiliary emergency module, the architect of the University of Chile, Alastair Aguilera, to the portal of the University of Chile.

For his part, the rector of the University, Ennio Vivaldi, commented: “We are grateful for the enormous commitment of all the members of our community, of the different academic units that have participated, especially the health personnel of our Hospital who are on the front line against the pandemic. The contribution of the private sector has also been vital and has made it possible to carry out these initiatives that seek to increase our health care capacity at a time when the country needs it most. We will continue to seek alliances to put all our capacity at the service of this emergency”.