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Supporting Teletón since its beginnings

The Luksic family has been present since the beginning of the Teletón, a cause to which Fundación Luksic is fully committed to and is aligned with our values of collaboration, excellence and connection with people. “The Teletón is a tremendous challenge that makes Chileans proud and unites them,” said Paola Luksic after the 2020 donation.

Supporting Teletón since its beginnings

New Teletón Center in Antofagasta

In 2014, the Luksic family pledged to fully finance the construction and implementation of the new Teletón Institute in Antofagasta, which materialized through a donation of CLP $10 billion. The building, which is located on land donated by the Municipalidad de Antofagasta, in the northern part of the city – between Francisco Puelma and Oficina Carmela streets, in the sector popularly known as “La Chimba” – opened its doors in 2020.

The new center has 3,000 square meters and will be able to serve to double the patients in the region and its surroundings, with a projected 40 years of operation. In addition, the institute has state technology for rehabilitation processes such as a walking laboratory, multisensory rooms, a therapeutic pool and technological equipment that will enable the use of telerehabilitation as a remote care tool, among other elements. The new building includes an inclusive park, multi-courts and an auditorium that will be open to the Antofagasta community, as a way of encouraging the development of sports, art, culture and family activities. Among the characteristics of this new center are its energy efficiency criteria -solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy-, recycling of drinking water and efficient lighting.


Square meters in total for the new Centro Teletón Antofagasta.


Was the donation that made the construction of the building possible.



Was the donation made by Fundación Luksic to  Teletón in 2020.

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