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Donations and Emergencies

Cooperation during emergencies

At the beginning of 2023, given the magnitude of the catastrophe caused by the forest fires in the south-central zone of the country, the Luksic family financed for a month  the operation of the Aero Tanker tanker plane, one of the most versatile of its kind. In addition, the different Luksic family Foundations are working to provide concrete support in the context of the emergency. Specifically, from the Luksic Foundation, considering the magnitude of the emergency, we are focusing our efforts to support entrepreneurs, athletes and educational communities in the affected territories.

Likewise, after the forest fires that hit the south-central zone of our country in 2017, the Luksic family collaborated with Desafío Levantemos Chile in the reconstruction of the Santa Olga educational center, which had been destroyed by fire making it impossible for children to attend. To classes. The Luksic family, in the face of the catastrophe caused by the fire, also financed, together with the Vientos Sur Foundation, the operation of the Supertanker plane for a week.

Cooperation during emergencies

Helping Santa Olga

Thanks to the union of Desafío Levantemos Chile, Ministerio de Obras Públicas, Ministerio de Educación, Municipalidad de Constitución, Servicio de Vivienda y Urbanismo (Serviu) of the Región del Maule, the reconstruction of the Liceo Polivalente Enrique Mac Iver was achieved. This became the first educational complex in Santa Olga. Its 5,539 square meters have the capacity to house close to a thousand elementary and middle school students, and almost one hundred preschoolers.

The educational complex is multipurpose, allowing students to access broad academic offers, such as scientific-humanistic and technical academic. The infrastructure is circular in shape, with an amphitheater in the center, a library, a casino, a multi-purpose court, playgrounds, gardens and orchards.


Square meters in total has the new educational complex in Santa Olga.


Students is the capacity of the school.


Amphitheater, a library, a multi-purpose court and a casino are part of the school’s infrastructure.

Other initiatives