The Luksic Foundation delivers sports equipment to the Leones de Codegua Sports and Social Club

15 •  sep •  2022

The support was provided through the Impulso Deportivo program of the Foundation’s Sports area and included different implements that will serve to improve basketball training conditions for the more than 115 children and adolescents who participate in the organization.

Balls, bibs, dumbbells, Olympic bars and weight discs. These sports equipment were delivered to the “Leones” Social and Sports Club, located in Codegua in the O’Higgins Region, through the Luksic Foundation’s Impulso Deportivo program.

The equipment, delivered in person by the director of the Sports area, Jaime Pizarro, will be of great help to the sports organization focused on basketball, to improve the training conditions of its members: boys, girls and adolescents between 9 and 19 years of age.

The club, which was formed six years ago, seeks through basketball that its 115 participants can find a space for recreation and learning. They train three times a week and also actively participate in community and regional championships.

“We want to be a means for children and adolescents of the commune to grow up healthily, away from the vices that may be close to their sectors and/or family nuclei, prioritizing education in values and attitudes that allow them to be good people, committed to their future and that of their communities. It will also be a window in the sports field, expanding the offer of physical activity in Codegua”, explained Cristián Espinosa, president of the “Leones” Social and Sports Club.

For his part, Jaime Pizarro commented that “these types of initiatives that support organizations are essential for the development of their communities, as they allow the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, where children and young people can develop integrally”.

Currently, the Codegua “Leones” sports team is participating in the Basketball Association in the city of Rancagua, and in FemiCentro, a women’s basketball league that is being developed in the country.
Impulso Deportivo

The Luksic Foundation’s program supports athletes and sports organizations throughout Chile throughout the year, with the aim of promoting their growth and enabling them to achieve their goals through equipment, materials to make small improvements to the infrastructure of the premises and support to attend competitions, among others. Those who wish to apply should do so through the website